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Mosquito SW publishes Colorate 1.1

Mosquito SW has released Colorate 1.1, a donationware utility for the automatic creation of harmonized color palettes, aimed at amateur and professional designers.

Colorate fully automates the generation of color palettes from a color swatch, either selected from the standard Color Panel, dragged from another application, or obtained from an image using the image analysis feature built into the application itself.

Version 1.1 adds, among other improvements, the possibility of creating custom color palettes, defining the color of each of the 12 color samples; a Spotlight plug-in that allows searching for color palettes within the library files generated by the program; and a color picker that displays values ​​in hexadecimal notation for web designers and programmers.

Colorate 1.1 also incorporates localizations in Spanish and French.