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Morpheus animation software, available for Mac

Morpheus Software has announced the release of Mac versions of Morpheus Photo Morpher, Photo Warper, Photo Mixer, and Photo Animation Suite. Photo Morpher allows you to transform a photo of one person or object into another using two or more digital images. The software allows morphing to include color transitions and size changes. The final result can be saved in animated .Gif or .Swf, and individual images can be saved in formats such as .Jpeg. .Png or .Tif.

Photo Warper allows you to distort and exaggerate fragments of images, creating a movie file in the process. The software allows you to export the finished product in Shockwave or Animated Gif file format, and the embedded e-mail can be sent to other users. Photo Mixer allows you to mix and match faces and body parts between two photos, to integrate them in .Jpeg and .Png formats. Photo Animation Suite combines the three applications, and includes 15 samples of what can be achieved with the program.

There are professional versions of each of these applications. They support the QuickTime format, so the movies we get can be used with other movie software.

Morpheus Photo Morpher, Photo Warper, Photo Mixer are priced at 29.95 per program; Photo Animation Suite costs $ 59.95. There are also trial versions of each of the programs, which until now were only available for Windows.