Mobile Tutorials This is how you should Charge a New Mobile Battery The truth is that regarding battery charging ...

Mobile Tutorials This is how you should Charge a New Mobile Battery The truth is that regarding battery charging …

The truth is that regarding the charging of new batteries there are a certain amount of really incredible myths when we talk about the first load. How should we do it? When we go to buy a new mobile phone or a new battery, sellers tell us anything and say anything in the sense that one tells us what he wants, the other tells us something else and so on. So in the end what do we do?

How to charge the mobile for the first time

The lithium batteries The new ones are quite different from the old ones, it should be noted that the mobile devices of the last years come with the new lithium batteries. What difference there are? That the previous ones came with a memory effect and, therefore, there it was extremely necessary that the device be charged to 100% and completely discharged at least the first time. Instead, At present it is not like that at all, we can charge the mobile whenever we want and for as long as we want.

Now the mobiles we hardly buy them come with a charge made, bone come with 40% more or less charge and we just turn it on we have to connect it to the current to charge it. Once reached 100% obviously disconnects to save energy, avoid what the mobile overheats too much and in this way spoil it. In addition to the fact that if it is connected to the current for too long, it already 100% reduces the useful life of the battery, which is obviously a problem in the long run, more than anything when it does not last a few hours.

How long should I charge the mobile

Keep in mind that now, many, but many mobile phones come with the non-removable battery and, therefore, you have to take better care of it because obviously once it is exhausted, changing it is a challenge.

That is why we recommend that you always use the original charger, in addition to charging it as we said up to 100% and a little more. In addition to avoid the sun and places where the temperature is too high or at least that heat does not give directly to the mobile since that would drastically reduce the useful life of the battery.

They are simple tips to avoid wasting the useful life, plus it would be good if you learn to save some battery to have to be charging it as little as possible.