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At some point, all of us can slip a spelling mistake while we write. Fortunately with electronic devices it is much easier to write well if we use the Castilian proofreader.

The corrector or autocorrect is a tool that all operating systems incorporate and that detect misspelled words. The usual thing is that the misspelled word is highlighted in some way so that the user can detect it quickly, although in the case of the autocorrect it can also happen that if it does not find the written word in its dictionary, it directly changes it to another.

Castilian checker on Android

If you have a device with Android operating system and you want to make sure you always write well, what you have to do to activate the corrector is go to Settings> Language & input, there you will see an option to mark the Spelling checker.

Activate spell check in Apple

If you have a device with an iOS operating system, activating the Spanish checker is very simple. You have to go to Settings> General> Keyboard, once inside this option mark the option Check spelling.

Enable checker on Windows Phone

In the case of mobiles that use Windows Phone operating system, go to Settings> Keyboard, then we choose the language we use on our mobile and mark Suggest text.

Use concealer in all apps

We have the mobile or the tablet that we have, once we have activated the spell checker this tool will already work in all the applications that we have installed on the mobile, so that every time we write a word incorrectly we will be notified so that the let’s modify.

With the spell checker we no longer have an excuse to send messages or emails with spelling mistakes.

If this tool is useful to you, discover all the secrets of the spell checker.


Turn the spell checker on and off

Well, all the above said then, we are going to teach you then how to remove the spell checker on Android, with this step by step that works absolutely without problems in the following versions of Google’s environment: Kitkat, Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat. As we said at the beginning, the advantage of this procedure is that you can turn the spell checker on or off as many times as you want, so there is absolutely no problem with it.

On Android phones except Samsung

  • Enter Android Settings
  • Go to the Languages ​​and text input option
  • Select the spell checker and deactivate it (you can also change the language if you want)

On Samsung mobiles

  • Enter Android Settings
  • Go to Language and introduction
  • Then to Samsung Keyboard
  • Turn off predictive text option

Improve spelling

If in addition to having the help of the spell checker you want to practice spelling and grammar, you can do it from your mobile with the application Right word, which is available for both Android and iOS.