Mobile Tutorials Solution my phone does not receive mobile dataAlthough it is true that mobile devices with Android operating system ...

Mobile Tutorials Solution my phone does not receive mobile dataAlthough it is true that mobile devices with Android operating system …

Although it is true that mobile devices with the Android operating system perform an increasing number of functions of all kinds, we cannot help but consider that many of them are directly related to the possibility of being connected to the Internet. And unless we have a WiFi network on hand all the time, which seems quite difficult, The truth is that many times we can find ourselves with an absolute dependence on mobile networks, and in their absence, our phone is useless.

We made this introduction precisely to highlight the importance of cellular data, mobile data or mobile Internet as anyone wants to call them. And it is that many users have recently been commenting on a fairly current problem. Apparently, at some point and without a prior reason, they come across a message that says something like “my phone is not receiving mobile data”, or at least an idea similar to the one previously expressed.

The problem is that if you find yourself with the message “my phone does not receive mobile data”, you will see that in these cases it does not there is no other possible solution than trying to get an answer, otherwise your phone will just look like a fancy paperweight. We have to bear in mind, in the same terms, that when there is no Internet connection, we will not be able to use WhatsApp, Facebook, or any of the applications that require us to be connected to mobile data.

Fix my phone is not receiving free mobile data

Well, if at some point the always uncomfortable phrase “my phone does not receive mobile data” has appeared to you. The first thing you have to do in these cases is to perform a factory reset of your Android mobile device, something that we are going to teach you to do in the following lines

The first step that we must take if we want to perform a factory reset or Hard Reset to our Android is to turn it off, then holding down the specific buttons that will get us to access the Fastboot menu. That is, once it is turned off, you will have to press the on or off button + the volume up or down button and you will see that the device starts, but in a different menu than usual.

Now we will then, or should we, within the Fastboot menu, which although it has slight differences between manufacturers is basically the same thing always, to the point that you should be seeing the restoration menu. We enter it of course, and we move until you find the option “Wipe data / Factory reset”, which is one of the most functional in these tutorials.

When we are at this point, the next will be to press on the Home or Power button according to the manufacturer of the device, and some even ask us for a confirmation in this regard, although we always have to affirm that function. The rest should be done by the Android itself, and if you see that the legend “Reboot now” appears, of course you will accept it. Nothing more than that is the factory reset on Android.

If the message of “my phone does not receive mobile data” persists, then it is time to try one of the other two solutions that we have at hand in these cases. The first one has to do directly with unlimited mobile data, for which you have to go to Settings, Mobile data usage, where you will see a graph that shows data usage, where you should see that there is a match between both elements. Even if you already had limited data, we can recommend that you uncheck the mobile data box.

If you still notice that you still cannot solve the problem, we have to go a little further, and then it is time to reset the APN of the device in question. This is a step by step specially designed for users who have more knowledge about it, of course. In this article you can find all the information about it, along with the detailed step-by-step for configuring your APN to have free and stable mobile data on Android.

Have you been able to solve the problem “my phone is not receiving mobile data” on your Android?