Mobile Tutorials My Smartphone is slow and constantly crashes. Keep in mind that mobile devices were advancing ...

Mobile Tutorials My Smartphone is slow and constantly crashes. Keep in mind that mobile devices were advancing …

Keep in mind that mobile devices were advancing considerably quickly to the point that now, we can do many things for which we previously needed a computer. But in turn, just as they became “Pocket computers” You also have to take into account another thing: they have the cons of these. Because obviously you have to keep mobile devices. Clean them, antivirus, reset, etc.

Therefore, if you mobile device It works slow or starts to get stuck more than usual, in this article we want to explain a little why this could be happening and in addition to that we want to give you a few solutions that we hope will work perfectly.

My mobile is running slow. How to fix it?

You have to take into account how you use your mobile device before trying to see how we can solve the problem. Because clearly if we do not know well what generates it, we cannot be guessing either. In case you install too many varied applicationsThen it is clear, you have to stop a bit and start installing the ones that you are really going to use, do not saturate the poor mobile either, especially if it is low-end.

In turn if you are from download APK files bone outside the Play Store, Do not be surprised to have the odd virus on your Smartphone, that is why it is good to have a good antivirus available on your mobile.

Fix everything at once

Whether it’s running slow, getting stuck, or anything that didn’t happen before, there is a way to fix absolutely all of your problems in one go and in less than 20 minutes. What is it? A HardReset or factory resetIn this way, the mobile is like new, as if you had just bought it. Of course, the issue is that everything you have in it is erased.

But in the case of photos and videos you probably have them in the micro SD, the contacts in the account Google and there is not much else, it may take you 20 more minutes to have everything as before and now if your mobile would work simply great that until you just got stuck or it was insufferable to use it.

To make a hardreset we can do it from the menu if we want, in the security part in settings.

But we can also turn off the mobile. Once off we press simultaneously volume down + home button + power button press and hold for a few seconds.

After that you have to go where it says “Wipe data / Factory reset “ and to finish we simply give it where it says “Reboot system now” and ready.

Remember that absolutely everything is deleted and remains as factory, in addition to the way to enter the recovery may vary depending on the mobile.