Mobile Tutorials Know the Difference between the Gyroscope and the AccelerometerMany mobile devices today include different sensors in their ...

Mobile Tutorials Know the Difference between the Gyroscope and the AccelerometerMany mobile devices today include different sensors in their …

Many mobile devices today include different sensors in their hardware, these are used mainly to determine the position and orientation of the mobile. The most common to find in Tablets and mobiles are the gyroscope and the accelerometer. However, many people often confuse them and it is normal, since they are very similar, but both fulfill different functions for different purposes, here you will know the difference between Gyroscope and Accelerometer.

What is the mobile gyroscope and what is it for?

A Gyroscope is a small device used to measure the gravity of the earth, this in turn helps determine the orientation of the mobile. Its design consists of a free spinning disk which is called Rotor, this is mounted on a pivot axis in the center of a more stable and larger wheel. As the shaft rotates, the Rotor remains stationary thus indicating the force of gravity in the center.

What is the mobile accelerometer and what is it for?

On the other hand, The Accelerometer is a compact device, which is designed to measure gravitational acceleration. In other words, when the device to which it is integrated goes from a standstill to any speed, the accelerometer is responsible for responding to the vibrations associated with this movement.

This device uses microscopic crystals that are under tension when vibrations occur, when stress is generated, with this tension is generated to create a reading regarding acceleration. Accelerometers are very important components for mobile devices that track for fitness and other measurement purposes.

Difference between Gyroscope and Accelerometer

In summary, the main difference between Gyroscope and Accelerometer It is very simple, one is able to measure the rotation while the other is not. On the other hand, the accelerometer is capable of measuring the orientation of a stationary element with respect to the Earth’s surface.

When accelerating in a certain direction, the accelerometer is unable to differentiate between this and the given acceleration through the gravitational pull of the Earth. If this disadvantage is considered when it is implemented in an airplane, the accelerometer loses much appeal.

The gyroscope is effective in measuring the speed of rotation around a given axis. For example, when you need to measure the rotational speed around an aircraft roll axis, it is able to identify a real value until the aircraft stabilizes. The gyroscope is able to indicate an orientation using the fundamental principles of angular momentum, while the accelerometer provides linear acceleration measurements based on a vibration.

Without a doubt, although they can be complemented, there is a clear difference between Gyroscope and Accelerometer. The implementation of both sensors is very common in mid- and high-end mobile devices, being also highly required by new accessories such as VR glasses to be able to view 360º videos, so not all devices are compatible with them. At the same time, these sensors are fundamental requirements in some games like Pokémon Go.