Mobile Tutorials Fix "HW Verification Failure" If you have a smart mobile device, it is possible that somewhere ...

Mobile Tutorials Fix “HW Verification Failure” If you have a smart mobile device, it is possible that somewhere …

If you have a smart mobile device, it is possible that at some point you have come across a phrase that reveals a somewhat serious problem with the terminal, which is none other than “Failure to verify HW”, so better than if it has appeared, keep reading this article to know all the details. The truth is that the Failure to verify HW has to do many times with the use of alternative spare parts that are cheaper than the original ones, which begins to cause all kinds of problems in the phones.

Fix “Failed to verify HW”

Well, before teaching you to solve the problem of “Failed to verify HW” it is likely that first you want to know why it appears, on which mobile devices it does it, and so on. Indeed, the message “Failed to verify HW” is known because it appears on Motorola Java devices, with predominance in some such as the EX225, EX226, EX118 and EX119 models. It is almost always the result of some initial inconvenience, which may be related to the touch or digitizer.

When the message “Failed to verify HW” appears, it is likely that previously the smartphone has shown some inconveniences related to the fact that the touch plug is not making contact, that the contact or plug may be sulphated due to humidity or that the touch has become damaged by a blow. In any case of the aforementioned, it is likely that this message will appear so Annoying, although in this article we will try to teach you all the details so that you eliminate it completely.

The first possible solution to the message “Failed to verify HW” has to do with cleaning the touch connector that connects to the membrane, something that is not easy but it can be done. The first thing is to remove all the screws on the back cover so that the components of the device come off. Then you must disconnect the plug that connects directly to the membrane. Using a microfiber cloth, clean the connector, and then reconnect to the device. You turn it on, and confirm that the message Failure to verify HW is not there.

If the problem we have described above persists or if the connector is in bad condition, then what you have to do is change the touch completely, which is sold in this same format. Of course, if you must put a new one, we recommend that you look for the original part. What happens in these cases is that when alternative spare parts are used, the message Failure to verify HW reappears, and it is precisely what we are trying not to happen. If you have doubts, you can always read the following article about it, of course.

Were you able to eliminate the message Failed to verify HW with this step by step?