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Mobile Phones with 5.5 Inch Screen Everyone when choosing the best phone, always knows …

Everyone When choosing the best phone, you will always look at the size of the screen, which is large enough to enjoy the comfort offered by that screen but not impossible to hold in your hands because of the sizeThis applies to people who have small hands and find it difficult to do daily tasks with the phone. In other words, enjoying 5.5 Screen Phones is something incredible, but uncomfortable for some people.

Today we are going to present three of the best phones, some of which have been better cataloged and comfortable for this opportunity. Life could go away talking about the real advantages of having a cell phone with a large screen, They are quite comfortable to watch your favorite movies and series, also to play games, the photos are seen in a better resolution, Although on the one hand if we have a small hand it can become a nuisance, I think it is worth it because there are many comforts that we will not have with a cell phone with a smaller screen. And when I speak of small hands, I am speaking of the ladies, more than anyone it is difficult for them to manipulate the cell phone with one hand.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Mobile with 5.5 screen

The cataloged among the best of the year 2016, this Great mobile phone Samsung Galaxy s7, Edge is right now with a 5.5-inch screen and a 12 mp camera, compared to the predecessor s7 normal, this only has a smaller screen of 5.1However, despite the fact that its specifications are the same, the screen is different and this in my experience makes the difference, it is hard to believe that this phone is not among 5.5 Screen Phones but luckily it is.

Samsung Galaxy J7

Mobile with 5.5 screen

5.5 Inch Cell

This magnificent phone Samsung Galaxy J7 is available in many versions but each one of them has the same screen, 5.5 inches something that is incredible and with a high resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels, it is considered the best low-mid-range mobile And of course, its price is incredible for everything it has to offer, this phone has very decent specifications, both in camera and processor.

Samsung Galaxy A7

Mobile with 5.5 screen

This excellent mobile prIt comes from the year 2015 and is with official figures a SUCCESS in sales, it has beautiful characteristics, in addition to a design and indicated alloy of materials, it is a good equipment like the others mentioned, it has a 5.5 screen and a 13 MP camera a jewel, The truth is that its size tends to be a bit large but it is quite required because it is a mobile of a high range so we will all say its value is very high like the S7 but it is not really that expensive however it is a phone with some good performance.

To finish, these are the 5.5 Screen Mobile models that we recommend, however we invite you to observe the different comparisons on the blog to learn more about them. They are incredible phones with good functionalities and an unprecedented software-hardware relationship.