Mobile Know the best tricks for the iPhone 6 clone with Android Today we can find many alternatives when it comes to ...

Mobile Know the best tricks for the iPhone 6 clone with Android Today we can find many alternatives when it comes to …

Today we can find many alternatives when buying a SmartPhone. However, the Chinese have launched many mobiles that are clones of the most popular brands on the market but with much more accessible prices, so that they have a very elegant design, good performance and a price that does not hit your pocket. In this case we will talk about some tricks for iPhone 6 clone.

The iPhone 6 clone

The original name of this Chinese mobile is soPhone i6, which has dimensions very similar to the original mobile of Manzana, which are 139 x 67 x 7.5 mm and weighs just 112 grams. It is very similar to the original and has a screen of the same size, that is 4.7 inches, a processor MediaTek MTK 6582 1.3 GHz Quad Core and 2 GB RAM. By default it comes with Android 4.4 KitKat installed but with an iOS theme.

Tricks for the iPhone 6 clone

Although it is a very economical and attractive mobile for many people, it has certain factory problems like any other iPhone 6 clone of any brand but that can be solved simply, so here we will mention some tricks for iPhone 6 clone that will help you.

The mobile does not turn on

This is a problem that has happened to many users, giving the impression that the mobile is completely dead and when connecting it to the charger it does absolutely nothing. As usual This happens when the mobile gets stuck with an application that was working incorrectly, thus creating an infinite loop between processor and memory. The only way to turn it on is by applying the button combination to turn on in Recovery Mode from Android.

For this it is necessary to press the buttons at the same time. volume down + Home and power button, when the mobile turns on you must select the option of Reboot System Now with the power key, which is the first option if the Recovery is in Chinese. If you cannot enter this mode and you have days without using your mobile, you should charge it for an hour or two before performing the method.

It has no signal or access to mobile data

This is another very common problem and it usually happens because the operator of our line is not compatible with the mobile we buy. However, there is another reason and it may be that carrier APNs are not configured properly, so it is necessary to call customer service so that they give you the correct data for the configuration.

Change language on iPhone 6 clone

As it is a mobile made in China, it is likely that the language comes in Chinese, so it is difficult to change from Chinese to Spanish. There is an application that allows you to download the language you want in Android. Is about Local language settings which is very easy to configure and you can download it from this link.

These are the best tricks for iPhone 6 clone that can help you solve any kind of problem with this mobile. However, if you have any other problems, leave a comment and we will advise you.