Mobile Applications The Best Word Counter Applications A word counter can be a very useful tool to…

Mobile Applications The Best Word Counter Applications A word counter can be a very useful tool to…

A word counter it can be a very useful tool when writing documents of any kind. In many cases, office automation programs do not offer the function of counting the words of a certain text, so it is necessary to resort to other tools if it is necessary to know this information.

On this occasion, I bring you some tools to count the words of your documents quickly, accurately and to which you can have access anytime and anywhere you are, you can use these calculators either for school tasks, professional or even for your resume, articles, cover letters, books, presentations, etc.

Why is a word counter necessary?

In many cases it is necessary to know how many words your document containsFor example, if your document is for a job, these generally have between 3,000 and 8,000 words, while for a personal statement for a job application it is 600 words.

To avoid exceeding these limits, you have to replace sentences with simpler words, avoid repetitions, check verbs and think carefully about what you are going to write.

How to Use the Word Counter in Microsoft Office Word

When writing in a document in Word, it automatically counts the number of pages and words, showing these results in the status bar, that is, at the bottom of the program.

If the word count does not appear in the status bar, then you must right-click on the status bar and then click count words.

If you want to count the words in a certain section of the text, you just have to select it, that is, you must shade what you want to count and in the word count it will tell you the result. For example, if 100/1000 appears, it means that the section contains 100 words out of the total number of words in the document, which is 1000.


Online Word Counters

It is also possible to get a word counter On the Internet, there is a great variety but some can be a bit imprecise.

Among the best word counters that can be found are the website of word counter and the website of count characters, being two very precise and easy to use tools.

Word Counter for Mobile

If you don’t have access to a computer to use Microsoft Office Word or any of the previously mentioned websites, there is nothing to worry about, there are also applications for tablets and phones with Android, as well as for ios, let’s see what they are:

Word Counter for Android

It is an application that you can find in Google play And it is completely free, it allows to count all the words and characters (without spaces) of a text. To download this application you can use the following link.


Count words and characters for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

This application also allows you to count words and characters while you are writing, as well as you can copy and paste the content of your text in the application. The results will be presented automatically, it is an application that you can find in iTunes and it is completely free and weighs very little, only about 0.6MB. To download it you can use this link.