Mobile Applications The best password apps to block applicationsOne of the keys of the Android operating system has to do ...

Mobile Applications The best password apps to block applicationsOne of the keys of the Android operating system has to do …

One of the keys of the Android operating system has to do directly with the fact that we can install a huge number of applications, and with this, enjoy all kinds of uses and customizations for our smartphone at the same time, although of course, we do not want everyone to access them. The truth is that if for any reason you lend your mobile device to someone, you will have to block certain apps so that no one else can see them, and that is exactly what we want to show you this time.

Many users have been consulting us recently, in fact, if it is possible to put a password for applications and to be able to block an application so that no one else has access to it, something that is completely easy to do if you have the necessary apps. The truth is that in these cases you will always need a particular application, and although it is true that there are many, we want to recommend one such as AppLock in particular.

AppLock, among the best password apps

The first thing you have to know in this regard, because it is the basic thing to consider in this regard, is that AppLock is an app to put passwords to applications, one that will allow you to access a much more secure environment even when at certain times you pay your device to someone else. The idea is that of all the people around you, no one else has access to the information you contain on your mobile device. What you should do then is set a password to those apps using AppLock.

The first thing you have to do then is go to the Google Play Store that is part of all Android mobile devices, and download the AppLock application from this link. Thanks to this you can add a password or add an email to access it. When you have your AppLock profile account, you will be able to determine whether or not to access each of your applications in the fastest and easiest way, so that no one can ever see your content again if you don’t want to.

It is even possible that at certain times of the day you want to block some applications that later do not bother you that they continue to work in view of everyone, and that is why AppLock offers you the possibility of configuring different profiles in the simplest and most simple way. fast as possible. You have to know, in the same way that all the elements of this app can customize it to the maximum, so by spending just a few minutes, you will have exactly the security experience that you are surely looking for.

If you want to know which apps you can block thanks to AppLock, you have to specifically take into account some of them, among which we can mention email, social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, as well as WhatsApp, which is the main messenger in the world. You can also block access to the list of contacts that you have scheduled on your terminal, and basically, access to almost any content that is part of your smartphone, with the enormous advantage that this means.

Not only did AppLock perform the above functions, but in the same way you can also limit access to photographs, videos or files, so as you can see it is a much more complete app than others that are part of the same segment. You have to know that you can also determine the access that you like the most, since there is not only the chance to enter a password, but also to limit access to the use of an unlock pattern, PIN or fingerprint, etc.

Within this Lock app (AppLock), which will then allow you to block all your applications, you have to know that you also have another function called “Chameleon Mode”, which will allow you to use multiple wallpapers that are actually fake. They appear so that all your close ones do not have the possibility of accessing these contents, so it is also an interesting trick in these cases.

Have you already downloaded and installed AppLock on your smartphone?