Mobile Applications The best applications to edit videos on the phone Smart mobile devices or smartphones have advanced in a way ...

Mobile Applications The best applications to edit videos on the phone Smart mobile devices or smartphones have advanced in a way …

Smart mobile devices or smartphones have advanced in an extraordinary way in recent times, to the point that it is practically possible to do any kind of thing with them, as we would never have imagined. In any case, we must say that many times, for this maxim to be fulfilled, we will have to have installed the respective applications that are needed, which is not always easy.

Long ago, to edit video we would have required a very good computer and even the latest generation, but today we know perfectly well that it is possible to edit a video directly from our smartphone. That is why we did not want to lose sight of the possibility of show you some of what we consider to be the best video applications available to users right now.

The first thing to keep in mind in this regard is that although you can find many video editing applications within the Google Play Store, not all of them are equally good, and that is why we have selected some. In any case, have no doubt that soon you will be able to edit all the videos you want, prioritizing the characteristics of each of the following apps that you will know.


Must-see video editing apps on Android

Adobe Premiere Clip (download)

Adobe Premiere Clip It is one of the main applications that we should consider whenever what interests us is video editing. Regarding this we have to emphasize that of course it is a creation of this renowned firm. Beyond the above, the next thing to keep in mind is that we can start projects here, and either finish them on the mobile, or also transfer them to the computer.

Instagram Video Editor (download)

Although many of us may want to edit videos just for sport, we should not later rule out the possibility of sharing them through some of the best social media systems for others to see. In this particular case, we did not want to stop recommending an application such as the Instagram Video Editor, one of the best rated by users.

VivaVideo Video Editor (download)

VivaVideo Video Editor It is the third of the options in this compilation, but one that we consider to be at least at the level of the others, especially due to its enormous number of filters and collages. About this app we have to point out that it will allow us to share all kinds of content in just seconds, and although it has a more complete Premium version, the free one is not bad at all.

PowerDirector (download)

PowerDirector It also does not have to be left out of any list of the best applications to edit video on Android, in your case particularly because it will allow us to carry out the classic functions, but also some additional ones. With this app we can edit, cut, copy and even paste different videos. If what you are looking for is an experience similar to the professional one, you should give it a good chance.

Magistro (download)

Magistro It is the last of the mobile video editing applications that all our readers should know more in depth, in its case because it has a huge number of functions, more than most of the others. We have to emphasize about this application that it has many additional paid content, so when you get bored with the initials, you can improve your results with them.