aplicaciones se cierran solas en Windows Phone

Mobile Applications Solution for Applications Shut Down on Windows Phone Windows Phone is one of the most used operating systems in …

Windows Phone is one of the most used operating systems in the range of Nokia Lumia. However, lately they have experienced a number of problems running applications, since executing any kind of application it ends up closing itself without showing any message. Taking this into account, we have decided to help you solve the problem where the apps close themselves on Windows Phone with this guide.

As many of us know, on any Smartphone or Tablet with any operating system it is necessary to have a minimum of available space to install an application. Otherwise the applications may fail to run or simply not install properly.

Applications close themselves on Windows Phone

As we mentioned earlier, An important point to consider in these cases is that each application has minimum requirements that your Windows Phone device must meet. That is, if your mobile does not meet these requirements it won’t run the apps or games correctly, however, when applications close themselves on Windows Phone it may also be due to a software or application problem.

One possible solution is install an application to clean the system and cache, which on several occasions has its share of responsibility when the apps close themselves on Windows Phone. A good option is to go to the store Windows Store and download an application known as Master Cleaner, which you can also download from this link, this application is responsible for correcting problems in the system and cleaning it from junk and temporary files.

Method to fix errors when applications close themselves

In most cases, these problems are due to an error in the application itself, so the procedure to follow to solve this error is as follows:

1.- You must completely uninstall the application with the error that closes itself.

2.- Now you must download and run Master Cleaner to clean the operating system.

3.- When you have finished you must restart the mobile.

4.- When you turn on again, You must go to the Windows Store and re-download the application that closed by itself.

5.- This should have ended the problem of applications that close themselves.

On the other hand, if this problem persists, it may be because there are operating system files that have become corrupted, so a possible solution would be perform a factory reset on your Windows Phone. But not without before back up all your important files, since in general this deletes all the settings and files of the mobile.