Mobile Applications How to use a Castilian Basque translator on your mobile? If you've been reading our articles in recent weeks, then…

Mobile Applications How to use a Castilian Basque translator on your mobile? If you’ve been reading our articles in recent weeks, then…

If you have been reading our articles in recent weeks, then you have surely seen that not long ago we published an article related to how to have a Valencian translator on your mobile. Many of our readers have been consulting us in this regard and it is That is why we wanted to answer you, in the same way that we will do now with another of the languages ​​of Spain.

Indeed, They have been asking us for a long time about how to install a Castilian Basque translator on your mobile, and that is why we decided to answer the questions of all our readers today. The first thing we have to bear in mind is that although there is more than one Spanish Basque translator online, when it comes to applications, the options are not so varied.

In fact, we are especially interested in talking about which Android Castilian Basque translator we can install, because reality indicates that not all of them are reliable in terms of their results, but rather few. In this particular case we have come across some interesting options, among which we believe there is one that is especially worthwhile. in Castilian Basque translator for the telephone.


Install Basque Spanish translator on Android

Well, then we find the Euskal Hiztegia Basque-Spanish translator for Android, one of the applications that we consider to be the most advanced in this segment, above the others at least. It is an interesting platform for all those teachers or students who are interested in being able to speak this language better., or translate texts between the two.

Some of the main functions of this Basque Spanish translator have to do directly with being able to translate as a dictionary between several languages, in the following combinations: Euskera-Spanish, Spanish-Euskera, Euskera-French, French-Euskera, Euskera-English and English-Euskera. That is, you will see that you will never miss a translation again thanks to Euskal Hiztegia.

Another function that we find really interesting about Euskal Hiztegia is that of synonyms, to the extent that we can search for synonyms for words in Basque, and thus expand our vocabulary in this language. We can also look for scientific articles to learn about science or technology while we are practicing, the same as Wikipedia articles in this language.

Beyond that, at the mobile level, we consider that this Basque-Spanish translator is one of the best options we have at hand based on its very good adaptation to any resolution and screen orientation. Outside of that, we must say that it allows us to enjoy voice inputs, a history that we can access whenever we want, or the possibility of heeding your suggestions.

Do you know any other Castilian Basque translator? What could we recommend and what are the functions that distinguish it from this one that we have just taught you? What other type of translator would you like us to review?