Mobile Applications How to call free to Cell Phones without balance Thanks to so many technological advances and some blessed hands that …

Thanks to tan many technological advances and some blessed hands that are in charge of improving the user experience with smartphones, we can say Thank you, because the first application to make calls or call for free has already been launched a Cell phones without balance, by phone to all destinations these include the fixed and mobile network regardless of whether we have balance on the phone.

The application is called NANU, although the requirement is to be connected to the Internet, this requires special attention since data is needed to make these calls, the connection can be by 3G or by Wifi, and it was applied on Android phones, and with iOS , and it works wondersFor now, the application allows unlimited calls to anywhere in the world, although some users warn that this will soon be reduced to half an hour or a few minutes, however it is incredible that you can call free to Cell phones without balance.

Call free to Cell phones without balance

call free to Cell phones without balance

It is It is very important to understand that if you are connected from your usual data plan, by making these calls you could spend them, because the application makes the call through the Internet, and you have to verify if you have a data package without limitations, otherwise you could exhaust your navigation package quickly.

NANU an application to call for free

This is the simplest application on the market, mVery easy to use and with a friendly interface, the main thing is to download it from the play store, and if you cannot download it you can always use this link that we will leave you below so that you can enjoy this wonderful application.

Download Here

As there are certain essential requirements to make free calls on nanu, Obviously you have to have the application installed correctly on another mobile that can receive the call, but at this moment you can make calls to all numbers, with a duration of 15 minutes, after these 15 minutes, or before you have to cut off the call and make it again to continue talking normally for another 15 minutes.


NANU offers the possibility of having an incredible voice quality in calls, it is heard too clearly and it is also free, the only thing that is required is a good internet connection, since if the internet has problems, the voice will be heard as if we were talking to a robot, in this way it is easy to understand what great benefits this application can bring us, despite the fact that this application is totally free, it works perfectly and use an anonymous number to make all calls this is ideal for those who love to prank friends or family.

It should be noted that the application works perfectly in all operators because it is disconnected from the network, its only link with them is the internet (if that is the case) remember that you can be from the WIFI perfectly.