Mobile Applications How do I enter from my mobile If you want to enter a good chat to talk a little ...

Mobile Applications How do I enter from my mobile If you want to enter a good chat to talk a little …

If you want to enter a good chat to talk a little with strangers or meet new people without doubts it is one of the best options. A website that is available to everyone who clearly uses computers. The issue is when we want to enter from our Smartphone, we find ourselves with the surprise that the site in question does not work as it should or, rather, as we expect it to work and here we end up with a great surprise. What do we do now?

Access from your mobile

Keep in mind that was developed using Flash and as lately Google is not in favor of this technology from the Chrome browser that is the most used of Android it cannot be entered obviously. Even users who have tried to install Flash player for Chrome have had trouble entering.

But the ideal is simply to cut your losses and voila, using a browser that does not present this kind of problem, even if it is to be able to use and that browser in question is called Puffin Web Browser which in addition to coming with integrated Flash Player comes with some quite interesting options that you may end up liking a lot.

First of all, you have to keep in mind that its requirements are basically null, because it asks to have 30 MB of available space and Android 4.0 or higher, which the vast majority have.

In addition, this browser has very positive things and it is that the little that I was able to use it, I noticed that the loading speed of the pages was higher than Chrome, in addition to the possibility of save mobile data And attentive to this, we can block advertisements, something that many people need to be able to navigate comfortably, especially for sites that do not have mercy on their users and put advertising even when we close the webs.

Obviously this is the simplest solution to be able to enter and be able to use it, so in this way we do not find that horrible white box and we do not have problems with Flash Player. But we can also use this browser for many other things since as you will be able to appreciate it is quite light, useful, fast and has many options that Chrome for now has not known how to take advantage of or rather exploit.

In any case, we will tell you how it went with this browser and leave us your opinions in the comments box that you can find a little below.