Mobile Applications Applications to create mind and concept mapsThe reality is that mind or concept maps are a…

Mobile Applications Applications to create mind and concept mapsThe reality is that mind or concept maps are a…

The reality is that mind or concept maps are a very powerful tool for studies as they are based on concept associations. This is a good thing because it is a better way to use the brain, just knowing this we want to show you what they are the best apps to create mind maps, with them you will be able to make your own concept maps. And if you want, you can share and even print them.

The truth is that these apps they are much more comfortable and easy to handle on tablets since they can be appreciated much better, but if you don’t have it with your mobile it will work the same.

Apps for creating concept maps

SimpleMind: It could be said that it is one of the best mind mapping applications that exist, it even has a long history in the market. With it you can create quite complete mind maps, give them custom styles or use the ones that already come by default. The interface is quite simple therefore you will be able to start the map from any point, being able to fold and extend some parts. It is available for Android and iOS.

Mindly: With this application you can create mind maps that offer you a working mode that has some additional ones, for example, you can add images. The interface it has is with circulars to which you can add text, photos and icons, so that in this way you can create hierarchies. It has a free version which is quite complete and the payment one that gives you many more very complete options without a doubt, like the previous one available for iOS and Android.

Mindomo: Another great app with which you can create concept maps or mental, this one stands out for having many designs to do it and each one has a different possibility to add texts or images. Something that makes it so different is that you can make interactive presentations of the maps and then export them for use elsewhere. The free version allows you to create up to 3 concept maps, in order to create more you have to buy the Premium version. Click here to download for Android and here for iOS.

SchematicMind: A very good application to create concept maps, this one stands out because of its beautiful fonts and it has a simple, although careful design. You can create an unlimited number of maps which you can personalize however you want, change icon, colors, shapes and much more. You do not need an account, it is totally free, although if you are willing to pay it has a pro version to offer. In this case, the app is available only for Android.

Mind Map Memo: It is a fairly simple schema creator, with it you can create mind maps, although it does not have many options like the others. You can create maps quickly without having to register or do any additional activity. Both the operation and the design are simple therefore you will not have problems. It is available for both iOS and Android.