Mobile Applications Applications that Yuya uses to edit photosThe popular YouTuber Mariand Castrejon never ceases to impress …

The popular Youtuber Mariand Castrejon He never fails to impress people every Wednesday and Friday with his funny videos. Most of his followers always seek the apps that Yuya uses to edit photos and today you will find the answer to that point here, you just have to read the following paragraphs to find the downloads.

The applications that you can find here were very easy to decipher in the video What do I have on my cell phone?, posted by this girl on June 15, 2016. In this video, Yuya answered questions from some of her followers on YoutubeAmong those questions there was one that said “Yuya teaches how you take your photos and what filters you use, apps and that …and the YouTuber responded by announcing the applications and filters that he uses on his iPhone 6S Plus at minute 6:48.

As you can see, the applications that Yuya uses to edit photos are: Afterlight, MOLDIV, VSCO, PicsART, Photo Mirror, PhotoCandy, Fyuse, ABM and Boomerang, where most are available in the official app store of Android.


How to download the applications that Yuya uses to edit photos?

It is very simple, here we will name again which are these applications and you can find each of the download links.

1.- Afterlight APK:

This is a very good editor, perfect if you want your image to be very pretty quickly. It has simple designs, but when combined with powerful filters and tools, you will have some very impressive photos. To download this application, you can use this link.

apps-that-yuya-uses-to-edit-her-afterlight photos

2.- Moldiv by Jellybus:

This is a very complete and multifunctional editor, it offers everything you need to edit your photos. This tool is aimed at all audiences, including professionals. The most outstanding thing about this application are its frame and collage functions, another important option is to beautiful camera, which makes your selfies much more beautiful and with a very natural touch. To download this editor you can use this link.


3.- VSCO:

This is another good editor, it is a very good option for those looking to edit a photo and share it instantly, being able to find many options for facial correction, editors, frames, filters and more. The APK is available in this direct link to Google Play.


4.- PicsART:

This application has become very popular and that thanks to the fact that it has what is necessary to result in an incredible image, among the available options are: drawings, collages, retouching, stickers, frames and options for social networks To download it you can use this link.


5.- Fyuse:

This is a space photo app, thus helping to capture 3D images on your Android device. This editor captures space in a very intuitive way, making your photos can be seen from various angles. To download this application you can use this link.