AplicacioŐĀn para probar tatuajes

Mobile Applications Application to test tattoos Tattoos are something ancient. The human being has tattooed his …

Tattoos are something ancient. The human being has tattooed his body for thousands of years. Although in many cultures tattoos are very important and almost sacred, in Western culture tattoos became fashionable about 20 years ago. Getting a tattoo is an important decision, so today we bring you one tattoo testing app with which you can check how that drawing you like is left.

Today it is no longer possible to affirm that a tattoo is forever. The same can be hidden with another tattoo on top if they have become too spoiled with the passage of time or if we just don’t like them anymore. There is also the option of remove a tattoo with laser, which achieves a tattoo removal that today is very close to 100%. Another option is to use semi-permanent inks, which disappear after a few years.

Although they are no longer for life, when deciding to get a tattoo it is better to act with caution and make sure that the design we have chosen we really like and fit us well.

Tattoo testing app

Ink Hunter Tattoo an application to test tattoos

If you are thinking of getting a tattoo Ink Hunter Tattoo is an application to test tattoos that allows you see a good number of designs and even create your own design.

Through the system augmented reality You can check how the tattoo will be in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe body where you want to do it.

The application uses the latest technology to show you how the design you like looks on your skin, helping you decide if you really should get the tattoo or not.

Ink Hunter Tattoo for iOS

This application has turned out to be a revolution and has already had more than 150,000 downloads in just a few weeks. The application of can download from the App Store for your devices with operating system ios totally free.

Soon it will be available for Android through the Google Play Store, where it is expected to have similar success to what it is already having on iOS. It could even come to Windows Phone.

Tattoo testing app

If you like tattoos, you are thinking of getting one and you are looking for something completely original, you cannot miss our article on websites to design tattoos online. In it you will find several web pages where you can design your future tattoo in a very simple way.

If you have an iPhone, then try to transfer your design to Ink Hunter Tattoo and see how the tattoo will look on your body. This way you will know if the chosen colors are in accordance with your skin tone, if the size is adequate or if it combines well with other tattoos that you already have.

With applications and websites of this type, making the decision to get a tattoo is now easier than ever, eliminating the uncertainty about whether it will really fit you or not.

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