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Missing Sync for Palm adds a video conduit

Palm offers its own Mac-compatible software for some devices, but it has been a long time since it was last updated and it lacks some critical features. The Missing Sync for Palm OS utility adds features such as Universal binary support for Intel-based Macs, support for devices that originally did not include the Mac software, extended sync support for applications and data not supported by the HotSync manager, the ability to mount memory cards directly on the Mac desktop, etc.

In version 6.0 of the product a conduit (conduit) has been added through which you can import videos obtained with Palm Treo smartphones and send them to iPhoto or any other specified folder. The video conduit also encodes the video using QuickTime so that it can be played later on Treo or other Palm OS handheld devices that have MPEG-4 playback capability.

Also included is a new Call Log conduit that lets you access the Treo’s call log from your Mac, including sorting, searching, filtering, and annotation capabilities. Synchronization of notes is now done using the Notebook application for Mac OS X (Mark / Space’s replacement for the old Palm OS Notes application). Notes can also be synchronized using Apple Sync services with third-party applications, such as Entourage 2004 or Yojimbo.

The product requirements are Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later and a Palm OS-based PDA or smartphone running Palm OS 4 or 5.