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Microsoft Surface Go goes on sale in India from …

Microsoft recently Announced its affordable, small and portable Surface device in India, the Surface go. It was announced globally In July, Microsoft appears to be trying to take Apple’s iPad and iPad Pro with the device.

The Surface Go has now gone on sale in India exclusively. via Flipkart, with a discount of Rs 1,000.

The Surface Go was launched in two configurations, an 8GB RAM with a 128GB storage option priced at Rs 50,999. On FlipkartIt is available at a price tag of Rs 49,999. The second is the one with 4GB of RAM with 64GB of internal storage which is priced at Rs 38,599. On FlipkartThis model is available at a price tag of Rs 37,999.

The standard cover is available in four colors: black, platinum, burgundy and cobalt blue.

According to Priyadarshi Mohapatra, Country General Manager, Consumer & Devices, Microsoft India, the device has a clear advantage over its rivals in the market when it comes to a laptop or close desktop experience with a 2-in-1 device.

Microsoft Surface Go Laptop Specifications and Features

While the black type cover will set you back by Rs 8,699, the colored covers are priced higher at Rs 11,799.

With a 10-inch screen, the Surface Go comes in the same size as the iPad Pro. Based on details on a blog post Per Microsoft, the Go is much lighter than current Surface series laptops, weighing in at around 500g. It’s also slim enough at 8.3mm to be the perfect travel companion.

Microsoft Surface Go.

Microsoft Surface Go.

Microsoft says the Surface Go comes with a factory-calibrated PixelSense 3: 2 display that supports the Surface Pen.

While those are the advantages of the Surface Go, you do get much less capable Intel Pentium processors that are also less battery efficient. Although Microsoft is of the opinion that this will not affect the user experience given that it sticks to regular tasks such as browsing, consuming media and using low productivity applications, users still have to pay more for an optional keyboard or mouse.

For the first time on a Surface laptop, the Surface Go will use the USB-C charging standard, which is a welcome addition for those who don’t like to carry too many cables.