Maria Montero

Microsoft hints at a new operating system "modern" designed to withstand different …

In a week in which AMD, Intel and Qualcomm have already made big announcements, Microsoft’s keynote address yesterday at Computex in Taipei was relatively low. Rather than reveal new products, the company hinted at what it wants in a modernized operating system. Interestingly, Microsoft The blog post on the keynote speech does not mention Windows, lending credence to speculation that it is developing a new “super secure” operating system.

According to a blog post by Nick Parker, Corporate Vice President of Consumer and Device Sales, a modern operating system should allow for “form factor agility” by being flexible enough to integrate with different types of devices, which It’s notable because last year the company hinted at new additions to the Surface line, which some have speculated, could mean that the line is adding a smartphone.

He added that a modern operating system should include built-in updates, done invisibly in the background, without forcing people to stop using their computers and be secure by default, preventing attacks by separating the state of the operating system and the calculation of applications. .

A modern operating system would constantly connect to LTE 5G and use AI to help make applications more efficient. It would also support different types of input, including pen, voice, touch, and even the ability to use your eyes to control apps or type, two things that will likely fuel further speculation that the new operating system will be developed with mobile products (like a possible Surface Phone) and lightweight or dual-screen notebooks in mind.