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MAX Europe: Flex, AIR and Flash on the iPhone? Ask apple

Regarding our question about whether it would be possible to see Flex, Air and Flash technologies in the Apple iPhone mobile device in the future, Shantanu Naraven’s answer was forceful, showing that it was a question that depended entirely on Apple, adding that although “one of the most interesting functions of mobile devices is access to the Internet, a lack of support for Flash in this type of product is like not having support for the web, since currently most of the content uses such Adobe technology. “

He also commented on how interesting the collaboration components are, grouped under CoCoMo, and that they will allow creating applications in which the collaboration options between multiple users are present. “It would be great to see a future version of Photoshop that includes features that allow you to collaborate directly with clients.”

As for video, where the Flash format represents around 70% of all video content available on the web, Shantanu Naraven is very confident about Adobe’s position compared to third-party alternatives, “we have all the necessary tools for video authoring, as well as the deployment platforms that allow branding and get the economic return on said content “.

The president of Adobe also left the door open to the possibility that we see future AIR applications by the company, “AIR is an opportunity to introduce ourselves in new areas and new applications.”