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MAX Europe 2007

Today the MAX 2007 conferences of Adobde begin, in which more than 1,100 registered users from all over Europe, according to data provided by the organization of the event, will be able to attend a total of 210 sessions with durations between 60 and 90 until next Wednesday 17 minutes each and focused, especially, on different aspects of Adobe technologies (video encoding, Flash, Acrobat), although it seems that the bulk of the conferences are focused on the development of Rich Internet Applications (RIA), where the development of Flex applications, the AIR cross-platform runtime, and other key Adobe technologies in the creative markets for developing applications for the Web, desktop platforms, and mobile devices.

Among the sessions on technology and also practicals, the one dedicated to Tamarin, security aspects in AIR, as well as future framework and language technologies or the “Mars” project consisting of defining an XML file format to express the PDF stands out.

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