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Matsushita (Panasonic), Hitachi and Canon team up in the LCD screen business

Hitachi has important technological advances in relation to liquid crystal, especially IPS technology that enables highly faithful color reproduction and better and wider viewing angles. Canon, for its part, is renowned for its digital cameras, office automation equipment or medical equipment. Finally, Matsushita, better known for its Panasonic brand, leads the world in the flat TV sector.

Under the agreement, Canon and Matsushita will each acquire 24.9 percent of the assets of the subsidiary Hitachi Displays. Currently, this subsidiary is 100% owned by the Hitachi group, which as of April 1 will have 50.2% of the shares. This subsidiary will specialize in the manufacture of next-generation small and medium-sized LCD screens, as well as developing OLED technology.

For Matsushita, these movements are part of a strategy aimed at continuing to be leaders in the development and manufacture of plant displays. The collaboration with Hitachi ensures a stable supply of liquid crystal displays and will go ahead with the construction of a state-of-the-art plant for IPS Alpha Technology, a joint venture specialized in the development of devices with IPS technology and where Matsushita will increase its presence in the future.

Matsushita’s goal is to continue its integrated strategy in the flat panel industry and leverage advanced IPS panel technology to increase the leadership of the VIERA series of plasma TVs. In addition, the company’s increased participation in IPS Alpha will allow it to participate in the future production of OLED displays.