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Luxology licenses Pixar graphics technology

As stated in the statement, “Luxology is not making any specific announcements about when this technology will be incorporated into future software offerings by the company.”

Modo is 3D modeling, painting and rendering software that includes 3D sculpting tools. The specialty of the product lies in the subdivision of surfaces for 3-D modeling; a 3-D graphical process whereby smoothed surfaces are represented by meshes of polygons created by subdividing each face of the polygon into smaller facets to recreate a smoother surface.

Pixar Animation Studios is the company chaired by Apple CEO Steve Jobs since last May 2006. The company has produced animated films such as Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Ratatouille. Pixar is currently a subsidiary of Disney, a company in which Jobs is the majority shareholder.

Luxology has licensed Pixar’s surface subdivision patents, and will “enhance” its products with such technology in the future, according to the statement.