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Little Snitch 2.0 compatible with Leopard

Little Snitch reports all connection attempts made to the Internet by applications, allowing you to decide whether to allow or cancel them.

Little Snitch 2.0 is now compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard”, according to the developer. The user interface has also been modified and now lists all the defined rules allowing to establish specific configurations per user. Specific permissions can be granted to applications we trust. It is also possible to activate a network monitor in the menu bar, in which detailed information about incoming and outgoing network traffic is displayed. It also shows network activity.

Other changes in Little Snitch 2.0 are improved traffic filtering, IPv6 support, and improved help.

Regardless of updates, if you are a registered user of Little Snitch 1.x with a license that begins with “32”, you can use that license in the update to version 2.