Little Box Challenge, Change the future of portable electricity

Little Box Challenge, Change the future of portable electricity

From the official Google Blog a while ago a curious challenge was published (the Little Box Challenge), which promises to pay a million dollars to the person or team of people who are capable of reducing the current size of a power inverter (which is about the size of a picnic cooler) to a size that is at least one tenth of the current size, that is, about the size of a small tablet.

Little Box Challenge

The challenge of Google and the IEEE

Power inverters are devices that are used in some domestic applications where there is no access to conventional electrical current. They receive energy from sources such as solar panels or batteries and transform it into alternating current, which can then be used by conventional appliances.

Little Box Challenge the million dollar challenge

Google and the IEEE believe that these inverters in their current state are too big, and that it is time to make a technological change revolutionary enough to change the future of electricity, managing to motivate people who are experts in these fields to compress these. devices beyond the current limits of this technology.

Little Box Challenge

An open competition to build a much smaller power inverter, with a prize of $ 1,000,000

Design kW scale inverter with the highest power density (at least 50 Watts per cubic inch).

No one said this would be an easy task, however the team that does it is not only going to make a million dollars but it is going to produce a major change in portable power technology. Among the benefits that an invention like this could bring to humanity are, the reduction of the costs of this technology, access to electricity more easily in remote parts of the earth, easy recovery from power outages allowing homes to function a little more, or even lead to unthinkable advances.

Those who are interested in participating in this interesting challenge, can register on the official Little Box Challenge website. What do you think would be the benefits of a technological advance like this?

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