LG How to Fix the LG L9 Security Error? Beyond the LG G3, G4, G5 or the next ...

LG How to Fix the LG L9 Security Error? Beyond the LG G3, G4, G5 or the next …

Beyond the LG G3, G4, G5 or the next LG G6 that will be released shortly, the truth is that this Korean firm has a huge number of other interesting devices, which we can take into account when it comes to acquiring a good terminal in relation quality / price. Indeed, It should be noted in this regard that the LG L9 is one of the most users have searched in recent times, and that is why today we have to talk about a tutorial related to this particular device.

Indeed, one of the main problems related to the LG L9 has to do with the Security Error or Security Error message, which is a very common inconvenience in LG devices and is related to problems in internal areas of the device, such as the memory or SIM. When this error appears, our LG L9 is practically useless, that is, it cannot advance beyond the brand logo, without the possibility of doing Hard Reset or entering Recovery.

If the Security Error has appeared on LG L9 and you want to be able to use it again as soon as possible, you have to know that fortunately there are two perfectly simple, legal and fast methods, by the time we try to revive our LG devices. These are specifically the LG Flash Tool and LG Mobile Support Tool programs, although in both cases we will have to run them from a computer with Windows operating system. We are going to focus especially on the first one.

Reviving an LG L9

Well, let’s talk then about how to eliminate the Security Error from the LG L9, in this case through the LG Mobile Support Tool, which is neither more nor less than a software for LG mobiles, which allows access to different functions. Some of them allow us to repair the software / firmware of your mobiles, or to install the drivers of a special device. The same applies for when we cannot perform a Hard Reset in a traditional way. So resorting to LG Mobile Support Tool is the best option.

Well, the first thing we have to do then is download and install this software on our computer, directly from this link. Once you have done it you have to open the program, and then manually install the LG drivers from this other link. When you have done it, you will have to activate the S / W mode of LG L9 (Download mode). for which it is necessary to press and hold the volume + button for about 5 seconds, then connecting the mobile to the PC via USB.

When LG Mobile Support Tool recognizes the device you give the option Start update to start updating the device’s software and remove it from the blockage in which it has been stuck. If there are no updates, you go directly to Additional Features and there to Update Error Recovery. When the process is over, the device will restart automatically, and once it does, you just have to disconnect it regularly.

Have you been able to fix the LG L9 Security Error with this trick?