IPad Mini with Retina display could lag

Leopard’s Advance Reservations Overturn Tiger

According to information published by MacObserver, the next version of the operating system is beating the anticipated sales figures established by the previous version of the system. Some specialty resellers have indicated that they are doubling the number of pre-orders compared to the data obtained during the Tiger launch, in addition to seeing the increase in Mac users once Apple has made the jump to Intel technology.

The data also indicates that the negative reviews obtained by Vista are causing users to stay with Windows XP, or to jump to the Mac for the first time.

Several analysts have indicated that Leopard’s ability to run Windows through Boot Camp is also proving too tempting to be ignored by some non-Mac users.

With Leopard, “Apple has the best opportunity to increase its leadership position with a new type of computer interface, whether it be a pocket-sized 3.5-inch screen, a 12-inch widescreen, some other intermediate size or even a larger scale, such as Microsoft’s Surface Computer similar to a coffee table, “IT Wire indicates.

“What Apple announces next will be crucial, but all signs point to it being based on the iPhone and taking it to the next level, radically changing mobile computing again,” the report continues.

Other information is even more positive. Seeking Alpha’s David Weling believes Apple will once again reinvent personal computing: “The world of personal computing is about to be shaken by Leopard, through Core Animation and the use of windows as a workspace,” he says.

In an interview with the New York Times, Apple CEO Steve Jobs confirmed his intention to take his company one step further, with a focus on the interface.

Jobs talks in this interview about the success of the iPhone multi-touch interface, saying that “people don’t understand that we have invented a new kind of interface.”