Maria Montero

Leica releases the CL Street Kit for all your defining moments.

From Leica The CL camera is expensive, but sexy, it’s the closest thing to an original portable luxury shooter without spending more than a used Toyota Corolla. The CL, which was released last year, is essentially a scaled-down M-series camera that has received rave reviews over the past year. Now, in time for Noel, Leica is offering a street set that includes the CL along with a Leica Summicron-TL 23mm f / 2 lens. This flat pancake lens gives you a “tried and true 35mm equivalent focal length for the quintessential reportage shooting style “and should suffice for street shots taken on the wing as you roam the dark alleys of certain Central European cities.

Now the bad news. Leica is traditionally one of the most expensive and best made camera equipment on the market and this is no different. While you get a camera that should last into the next millennium, you’ll pay as little as $ 4,195 for the privilege, making it considerably less than the M series but far more than your phone’s camera. Package a saves you a little over $ 800 if you bought each item separately.

That said, it’s good to see that a package like this still exists for a solid, beautifully forged camera, a pretty lens, and even a leather strap. Also, isn’t creating photographic art worth the price of admission? As Leica’s lover Henri Cartier-Bresson noted, he said: “A fan of the public, here’s the photo inside.” Ce que je veux c’est de Capter une fraction de seconde du reel. “Preach, brother.