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Lacie Biggest S2S with 5TB capacity

The Biggest S2S is designed for professionals in the image and digital video, who have to find in this system a space to house and work with all kinds of data. The initial configuration of this solution starts with 5 TB, but it can be expanded with more units up to 20 TB.

According to the manufacturer, it offers transfer speeds of over 200 MB / s (making it ideal for editing and post-production of HD video), allows the connection of up to four Biggest S2S units on the eSATA PCI-X / Express card included with each unit, thus adding a capacity of 20 TB and a transfer speed of more than 600 MB / s.

The five disks that make up the Biggest S2S can be “hot-swapped” (without turning off the unit or the computer) and allows the configuration of the S2S unit in different RAID modes.

It comes with a 2-year warranty and is priced at EUR 3,539 for the 5 TB model, while the 2.5 TB model costs EUR 1,469.