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LaCie 526 25 “Professional Monitor

The monitor can pivot 90 degrees and according to LaCie, the monitor covers 98.5% of the ISO Coated color gamut and 95% of Adobe RGB, percentages unique to an LCD screen. In addition, each monitor is individually corrected at the factory to ensure that the brightness and color gamut do not vary across the entire screen. It is also accompanied by a ColorKeeper sensor to analyze the brightness and color of your backlight in real time, continuously adjusting them to ensure that both brightness and color are stable.

The LaCie 526 will go on sale to the public in May. It is offered in two versions: with and without calibrator. Prices for both versions are not yet available. The monitor will be sold through LaCie’s network of authorized dealers and specialty stores. Contact: LaCie. Tel .: 91 323 83 00. Web: