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Kodak and Sony end their dispute over 10 patents

Kodak had filed a lawsuit in March 2004, accusing Sony of infringing 10 patents covering digital camera technology published by Kodak between 1987 and 2003. Sony responded with a lawsuit, accusing Kodak of infringing 10 of its patents, a month later. .

Sony and Kodak will have access to each other’s patent portfolios under the new agreement, according to statements from both companies. Neither company has disclosed the terms of the license agreement.

Kodak has entered into a licensing agreement with Sony Ericsson that will allow Sony Ericsson access to Kodak technology. Kodak will have access to Sony Ericsson’s technology, according to Kodak sources. Kodak is very pleased “to have reached a mutually beneficial agreement that respects the interests of all three companies,” stated Laura Quatela, Kodak’s managing director of intellectual property transactions.