July 20, Colombia's independence day

July 20, Colombia’s independence day

Colombia's flag

Take out your flag and celebrate!

Today, July 20, the 204 years of Colombia’s independence are celebrated, which was the historical process that allowed the emancipation of Colombia from the Spanish Empire, ending the colonial period. War The Independence of Colombia was the conflict that was fought during the first quarter of the 19th century to liberate the land that is now Colombia, then known as the United Provinces of New Granada. This was part of the Spanish American wars of independence, a series of struggles that arose in Latin America motivated by the French invasion of Spain in 1808, which was part of the Napoleonic wars in Europe.

independence parade

Parades of the armed forces

This is a date that is characterized by being a great party and celebration among Colombians. everyone takes their flags to the streets and participates in the various parades organized by the authorities to show the power of the national armed forces and celebrate that thanks to the victories achieved by Simón Bolívar 204 years ago, today we can be a great nation.

July 20 independence of Colombia

All to carry the flag of our country