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Islamic New Year, Muharram 2019 – Here’s How To Download Stickers From …

Since tomorrow is Islamic New Year and if you are sitting away from your loved ones during this occasion, you probably want to wish them online in different creative ways. WhatsApp could be useful at this time. Various third-party apps on the Play Store give you a lot of options when searching for WhatsApp stickers with occasional themes. These free stickers can be downloaded and sent to your friends and family.

Now if you are wondering how to find them, we have just what you are looking for. It’s pretty simple, all you need to do is open your Play Store or App Store on your phone, search for terms like. Islamic New Year WhatsApp Stickers or Islamic Stickers for WhatsApp and so on. A list of applications will appear on your screen.

You can find applications for WhatsApp stickers with Islam themes in the Play Store. Image: Pixabay

Choose your preferred app and download it to your smartphone. As soon as it is installed, open it and choose from the list of different WhatsApp stickers You need to add a “+” sign and it will ask if you need to add it to your WhatsApp, tap yes and voila! It does.

Now you can use these selected stickers by simply going to the chatbox of the person you need to send it to, open the sticker options and all the stickers you choose will be there for you to use.

Some applications you choose to download are Islamic Stickers (WAStickerApps), Islamic Stickers Y Islamic stickers for Whatsapp 2019.

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