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Is Apple preparing a Tablet Mac?

In the report published by Crave it is stated: “Asus is helping Apple to build a Tablet PC” and it is noted that Asus is one of the Asian partners that is building portable systems for Apple.

It is also indicated that the new Tablet Mac with a very novel design. Considering what Apple currently has, it seems likely that the machine will be controlled by Mac OS X 10.5 and could use the same multi-touch technology that is used in the iPod touch and iPhone.

Rumors about a Tablet Mac were not sounded again, exactly 12 months ago, Australia’s Smarthouse magazine published information that suggested that Apple had built a “fully functional prototype of a Tablet personal computer.” That report indicated that the device had been designed to handle third-party applications, such as home automation software and security cameras. It was also indicated that the product could be on sale in mid-2007, but the truth is that this was never fulfilled and instead, in mid-2007, Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard was announced.

If the intended Tablet Mac required Leopard and was tested before being on the market, and if these rumors have the substance, then it suggests that the system may see the light of day in early 2008.