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iPod with touchscreen and nano video on the horizon

Some information indicates that the new iPod nano will be a bit longer compared to the previous generation, will use flash memory and will be able to play video through a good size color screen.

Additional information indicates that the next-generation iPod will feature a 3.5-inch touch screen, similar to the iPhone. The new devices will be equipped with WiFi and offer the same media experience as the iPhone, including touchscreen-based content navigation.

Unsurprisingly, a flood of images has surfaced on the internet indicating that they were sketches about the new device. GearLive stands out from the rest with the image of an iPod nano that uses CoverFlow technology.

DigiTimes claims that the new iPod video will also use flash memory with a larger storage capacity. The devices will be manufactured by Inventec for Apple, as indicated in that information.

The iPod shuffle could also undergo a redesign, according to the information, increasing the storage capacity but at the same price.

Information from the Washington Post indicates that Apple’s retail channels have not received new deliveries of iPods in recent weeks, which could be interpreted as an indication that the company may be preparing the release of new models. <