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Iomega StorCenter Pro NAS 150D

The new StorCenter NAS 150d network storage system is available as a 1 TB model, consisting of four SATA II hard drives of 250 GB each and hot-swap bracket, and a 2 TB model consisting of four SATA hard drives 500GB II and hot-swap media.

Both models can be configured as RAID 0 (interleaved), RAID 1 (mirrored), or RAID 5 (interleaved and parity). RAID 0 configuration provides maximum performance and work capacity, RAID 5 provides maximum data security, protecting all data even in the event of a hard drive failure.

StorCenter Pro NAS 150d units include a gigabit Ethernet connection and a USB 2.0 port to which a printer can be connected, considering that the embedded print server functionality supports up to up to four printers.

For backup purposes, Iomega includes a five-client license for EMC Retrospect Express software.

Iomega StorCenter Pro NAS 150d servers are compatible with clients running Mac OS X 10.2.7 or later, Windows Vista / 2000 / XP, Home / XP, Professional / XP, Professional x64, and Linux distributions.

The 1TB and 2TB StorCenter Pro NAS 150d are priced at € 795 and € 1,150 respectively.

Web: www.iomega-europe.com