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Iomega Introduces New eSATA Portable Drive

The eGo drive comes with a red chassis with chrome parts and incorporates a 2.5-inch hard disk drive with a capacity of 160GB. It is a unit powered directly through the USB port, so the use of an external power supply is not required; and EMC Retrospect HD backup software is included with the product. The drive incorporates DropGuard technology to protect it from damage caused by accidental drops.

The eSATA / USB 2.0 drive offers an external Serial ATA (eSATA) interface, providing a storage capacity of 500 GB. It is designed for advanced graphics, video editing, file server and other demanding tasks. Supplied with EMC Retrospect Extpress software. No Mac has an eSATA connection as standard, although tower Mac users can install a PCI card that adds a new eSATA interface. In cases where such an interface cannot be installed, the hard disk can be used via the USB 2.0 connection.

The eGo drive is compatible with Mac OS X 10.1.5 or later; eSATA / USB 2.0 Professional Hard Drive requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later.

Web: www.iomega-europe.com