Internet Tutorials This is how you can listen to Internet radio Music is one of those things that everyone loves ...

Internet Tutorials This is how you can listen to Internet radio Music is one of those things that everyone loves …

The music It’s one of those things that everyone likes, perhaps what varies a lot is the genre, some spend all day listening to music while others listen to some songs from time to time. But the truth is that more or less, whatever genre, we all end up liking, even a few songs, listening every so often to relax and get away from reality a bit.

Listening to the radio is also quite entertaining and is a good way to listen to something varied, news, etc. While we are doing things since unlike television it is not necessary to be watching what they do to understand what they are talking about, the issue is that new mobiles generally no longer come with FM Radio, thus forcing us to listen to any kind of radio we want from the Internet.

Listen to FM radio over the internet

Tuneln Radio: It is an application to listen to the radio using the Internet, it has more than 100,000 stations, all around the world. So you can imagine that you have a huge variety. Many of them you will be able to listen to music of different genres such as Pop Music, Electronic, etc. In addition to that you can search radios by category, in case you are interested in sports or a specific one, politics, etc. You download it from here and it’s free.

The 100 Radio: In case you are from Argentina This website, although not an application, allows us to listen to a great variety of music and has a radio that is very popular in the country in question, where there are very varied programs that touch a large number of topics of general interest and others. specific, it is an ideal radio for those cold mornings where we are accompanied by a good coffee and we begin to work. You can enter the web from here.

In any case, you do not need to use headphones or anything similar since when we listen online radios by applications or web portals It is not necessary to have such devices because we do not use an antenna of any kind, everything is thanks to the internet, therefore, you need a connection as stable as possible, the ideal would also be that you use Wifi to save a little mobile data, although it is obviously not always possible.

Any radio you know or application can be left in the comments, as soon as we see it, we add it to the original article.