Internet Tutorials How to speed up the Internet by PsiphonPsiphon is an application that, if you've been reading our articles…

Internet Tutorials How to speed up the Internet by PsiphonPsiphon is an application that, if you’ve been reading our articles…

Psiphon is an application that, if you have been reading our recent articles you will know, it has been occupying us a lot in recent times, especially considering that it is a platform used interchangeably by Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry or iOS users . In any case, we cannot lose sight of the fact that although Psiphon usually works without problems, sometimes it also has some problems running at the speed it should, and that’s exactly where we intend to go in this case.

The first thing we have to say is that if you have experienced some drops in the speed of Psiphon, this probably has to do directly with the fact that it is the time when the greatest number of users are connected to the system in question. This happens because many times the free VPN connection offered by Psiphon does not have any filter, and when too many users are taking advantage of it, they cause the speed at which we access to suffer.

Beyond that, and considering the enormous amount of inquiries we have received in recent times regarding the possibility of improving the performance or the speed of Psiphon, we wanted to teach all our readers today some of the secrets that lie behind it. system. The first thing you have to know is that indeed, there are tricks to speed up the Internet for free given by Psiphon And the best of all is that, as you will see, it is not necessary to have your Android mobile device rooted.

Accelerate Psiphon Internet Free

Indeed, one of the most effective ways to speed up Psiphon’s Internet connection to the maximum has to do with performing a trick that many consider essential even when it comes to other applications that make use of the Internet, that is, giving them priority by closing all the others. What you have to do in these cases is to avoid having several applications open at the same time that require Internet such as Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat, so that the entire flow of the Internet is focused solely on Psiphon. Then, it is advisable to close all applications so that the Internet speeds up immediately.

On the other hand, and although it is clear that many users want to avoid spending money by all means, we in particular have no doubt that the Premium or Pro version of Psiphon is really worth it, probably much more than other current Premium applications . You must bear in mind in this type of situation, in effect, that to get the improved version of Psiphon, all you have to do is go to the Google Play Store, search for the original application, and then decide on the payment option.

Normally, with these two extremely simple tricks that we just taught you, you should have a better day-to-day experience when using Psiphon, and we have no doubt that you too will feel the difference in its operation just by giving the system a try. All you have to do then is take the opportunity to close the applications that work in the background, or also, directly search for the paid version of Psiphon.

Have you improved the operation of Psiphon on your Android with this step by step?