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Instagram the social network that we could basically say follows FacebookAfter all ironically it is theirs. The amount of active users month by month in this social network is not exactly few and as such it is normal for one to do varied searches in it. Is a social network focused mainly on photos and videosAfter all, you can’t upload anything other than that, so it makes it too unique and, above all, very popular, especially in this age where photos are so fundamental in the lives of so many people.

Clear Instagram history

Obviously we have all searched for people at some point through different social networks, it is something extremely common that is done, Instagram was not going to be the exception. Whatever you want to delete the Instagram story for, we are going to show you in this article how to do it and you will see that it is not really too complicated, in a matter of seconds and through a few simple steps you will be able to delete the search history, although yes, every time you do a new search it is again recorded in the history, so you should delete everything again.

First of all, we are going to enter the Instagram account, once there we are going to go to the three points that we can see at the top, which would be configuration. Now we are going to go under everything and see where it says “Clear search history“We obviously press there and automatically we get a poster to confirm, if we are completely sure we will press yes and in this way the history is completely erased.

As I said before, after this if we look for someone again it is registered so every so often you will have to erase it in order to keep it clean and without a record of the people you have been looking for lately, it is not that it is too complicated to be deleting the Instagram story, but of course, you have to keep doing the same.

Whatever the reason, this way you can delete search history Samsung Tablet Without any kind of problem, remember that this has nothing to do with seeing the Instagram conversation history, we will leave that for another article.