Instagram Instagram PC how to use it Instagram is one of the most popular social networks and has ...

Instagram Instagram PC how to use it Instagram is one of the most popular social networks and has …

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks and has millions of users worldwide. One of its peculiarities is that the full functionalities of the app can only be accessed from a mobile or tablet, but there are also things we can do from Instagram PC.

The rise of Instagram

Instagram is a social network in which photography is the main protagonist. The photos can be shared with everyone, giving them more diffusion through the use of hashtags, or they can be shared only with friends.

It is one of the most popular applications that has been made in recent years and was acquired by Facebook, although this acquisition has not affected its operational dynamics.


What can we do from Instagram PC?

The use of Instagram from the PC is a priori quite limited, basically what we can do is consult the photos and make some interaction. However, we cannot carry out the main action on this social network, uploading our photos.

Despite not being able to use the PC to upload photos to Instagram, there are many users who want to do it and that is why almost from the origin of this application other websites and applications have emerged that allow users to carry out this action.

Upload photos to Instagram from PC

There are several options that are presented to us for share our photos on Instagram directly from your computer.

One of the safest options is to use ARC Welder. In this case what we are going to do is download the Instagram APK on our computer from a trusted site, then we open the Chrome browser and we visit the Chrome Web Store to download ARC Welder.

Now we open ARC Welder and open the Instagram APK with it. When the application asks us about how we want to run the application, it is best to opt for Portrait to be able to view it well, we choose Tablet and the rest we can leave as is. Once the configuration is done, click on “Launch App”.

In this simple way we can enjoy Instagram on our PC without the limitations that the application normally has for computers. An independent application is generated, so that every time we want to use it we can do it directly and we will no longer have to access it from ARC Welder.


Android emulator for PC or Mac

Another option to use Instagram PC is to download a android emulator that makes our computer work as if it were a device with the Google operating system.

There are several emulators of this type, but in this case we are going to recommend you Bluestacks. What the application does is virtualize the interface of a mobile phone from the desktop of a Mac or a PC, which means that all the applications that can be used on a mobile phone can be downloaded and used on the computer.