Maria Montero

Instagram getting a makeover? It seems to be being tested …

Instagram seems to be due for a makeover. We have spotted a completely new design for the profile page on Instagram. From what we can tell, this is the same user interface as Instagram teased in November last year and it is being displayed to select accounts.

As you can see, no changes have been made to the bottom of the profile page layout. But the top half of the screen has been completely rebuilt.

The elements remain the same. name, bio, links (if you want to add any) and the profile picture fitted within the circular frame, but its location has changed.

The profile picture has now been shifted to the right side of the screen and appears to be slightly larger than the previous one.

Your full bio is now placed on the left of the screen. The structure remains the same though (Thank goodness!)

Moving on, the profile edit column has now been lowered, positioned above the Highlights section.

The new design of the Instagram profile page.  Image: Tech2

The new design of the Instagram profile page. Image: Tech2

The number of followers and the ‘next’ bit have also been moved to the bottom of the bio section, just above the profile edit section (when viewing your own profile).

Now you may not know how many posts you have as the number of posts section has been removed.

This update has been detected in the stable version 85.0 of iOS and it seems that the update is being rolled out in phases as users with the same version of Instagram have not received the update yet.

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