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Instagram Do you already know what the meaning of Instagram numbers is? Instagram is an application that has become very popular lately. …

Instagram is an application that has become very popular lately. The true logic of this social network is to upload photos and videos by adding certain effects through filters, frames, retro colors, etc. that are included in the app. If you already use this application, you may have noticed something new, we talk about the instagram numbers, Do you know what they are?

For a few days, there has been an update where a new functionality was added to this application, the “instagram stories. But what does this have to do with numbers? Well, a lot, we will see what is the relationship of this functionality with the instagram numbers.

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What are Instagram numbers?

The logic of the new functionality “instagram stories”Is uploading impressive photos that you can share with your followers. Surely many have already tried this functionality or at least have heard a little about it, if not, you should try it to better understand what it is about.

The instagram numbers appear once a person asks questions via direct and you answer them in the instagram stories. This is the true meaning of instagram numbers.

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What are Instagram Stories?

This functionality was already launched a few weeks ago. It allows the user to share moments that can be personalized with drawings, texts and emojis. The difference between instagram stories and the normal publications, is that it is not allowed to “like” or make comments. If a person wants to let you know something, they must do it through a direct message.

The stories of the people you follow appear in a bar on their wall or timeline. Stories appear in a type of slideshow that disappears after 24 hours.

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Why don’t my Instagram stories appear?

If you can’t find the instagram stories (a few circles that appear at the top of the application), then it means that no story has yet been shared in Instagram. If you want to see how it works, then try following profiles that are popular and use the functionality.

How to use this function?

When someone posts a story, their profile photo will appear inside a colored ring. You just have to click on the photo to see it, it is also possible to go back, forward or jump to someone else’s story.

The good thing about instagram stories is that you don’t have to worry that you are “posting too much.” On the contrary, you can share all you want for a day and with all the creativity you want.

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How to get Instagram Stories feature?

It’s very simple, you just have to update Instagram. If you already have the latest version of Instagram on your device with Android then surely you can already use this service and you will be able to realize it easily.

Otherwise, you can update instagram directly from the Store Google play or through the following link.