Maria Montero

Humio raises $ 9M Series A for its analytics service …

Humio, a startup offering a real-time log analytics service for on-premises and cloud infrastructures, announced today that it has raised a $ 9 million Series A round led by Accel. He previously raised his seed round from WestHill and Trifork.

The company, which has offices in San Francisco, the US and Denmark, tells me it saw a 13-fold increase in its annual revenue in 2018. Current clients include Bloomberg, Microsoft, and Netlify .

“We are experiencing a fundamental change in the way that companies build, manage and run their systems,” said Humio. CEO Geeta Schmidt. “This change is driven by the urgency to adopt microservices-based, cloud-based application architectures for faster development cycles and to address sophisticated security threats. “Customer requirements demand a state-of-the-art logging solution that can provide live system observation capability and efficiently store the massive amounts of log data they are generating.”

To offer you this solution, Humio. launched this round with a view to meeting demand for its service, expanding its research and development teams and moving to more markets around the world.

As Schmidt also pointed out, many organizations are quite frustrated by the analytics and log management solutions they currently have. “The common frustrations we hear are that legacy tools are too slow (ingesting, searching, and displaying) with complex and expensive licensing models,” he said. “Operations teams want to focus on operations, not building, running and maintaining their records management platform.”

To create this next-generation analytics tool, Humio built its own time series database engine to ingest the data, with open source tools like Scala, Elm and Kafka in the backend. As data enters the pipeline, it is pushed through live searches and then stored for later reference. However, as Humio VP of Engineering Christian Hvitved tells me that running ad hoc queries is the exception, and most users only do so when they encounter errors or a DDoS attack.

The query language used for the live filters is pretty straightforward too. That was a conscious decision, Hvitved said. “If it’s too difficult, then users don’t ask the question,” he said. “We are inspired by the Unix philosophy of using pipes, so in Humio, larger searches are created by combining smaller searches with pipes. This is very familiar to developers and operations personnel, as that is the way who are used to using their terminal. “

Humio charges its customers based on how much data they want to ingest and for how long they want to store it. Pricing starts at $ 200 per month for 30 days of data retention and 2GB of data ingested.