Huawei Tricks for Huawei Y6Huawei little by little is showing that it is a brand to ...

Huawei Tricks for Huawei Y6Huawei little by little is showing that it is a brand to …

Huawei little by little it is showing that it is a brand to take into account, especially with the latest devices that have been launched on the market. The truth is that the products that this company has taking into account their price and the quality that they handle are very good and it is not surprising that more and more are being sold.

One device that has been very successful around the world is undoubtedly its Huawei Y6, an interesting mobile that has very good features and that also has many tricks that may interest you.

Tips and Tricks for Huawei Y6

Open camera with the screen locked: The way to have the camera quickly available to take any kind of photograph is by pressing the volume button down twice, in this way, even if it is locked, the screen will put the camera on and obviously it will be unlocked.

Screenshot: The way to take screenshots is actually too simple, all you have to do is press the volume down + power keys at the same time, this way you can take a screenshot of what you are doing at the moment .

Quick call: The way to make a quick call from the lock screen is similar to the camera, just pressing the volume down key once is more than enough to be on the call screen, it’s that simple.

Apps on the lock screen: An excellent tip is to put the applications that we use the most on the lock screen, in this way we can have much faster access to these apps in question and do not have to be unlocking the mobile and then have to be looking where each is application, etc.

Tips for Huawei Y6

As you can see, they are quite simple tricks but without a doubt they make things much easier for us both for those who want to quickly access their most used applications, for those who want to enter the camera more quickly, make a quick call, etc. In short, with this set of tricks you can save a good amount of time.

In any case, if you know any more tricks that you want us to add to the previous list, you just have to leave them in the comments and as soon as we can, we are going to look at them and add them to be part of this little tips and tricks guide for Huawei Y6.