Huawei Solution Huawei G730 restarts onlyHuawei is one of the mobile device companies that most…

Huawei Solution Huawei G730 restarts onlyHuawei is one of the mobile device companies that most…

Huawei is one of the mobile device companies that has been selling the most terminals in recent times, and indeed, there are many queries we have about the operation of several of these devices, so today we wanted to specifically fall into the Huawei G730. The first thing to say in this regard is that many of these questions have to do precisely with the fact that the Huawei G730 restarts only, so we will try to offer you an answer regarding this problem.

The first thing we must say about it is that the Huawei G730 that have fallen into this problem, basically what they are suffering is a drop in Bootloop, that is, in a boot loop that causes an Android device to constantly reboot and not pass logo or home screen. Precisely, the idea of ​​this article has to do specifically with teaching you how to perform the step by step to end the infinite reboot of the Huawei G730, so keep reading to know all the tricks about it.

While it is true that many of us have become accustomed to hearing that Samsung mobile devices are the best sellers in the current Android smartphone scene, we cannot lose sight of the fact that the Chinese Huawei is no longer far from your sales numbers. Indeed, there are many terminals of this Chinese company that stand out especially for the number of units sold in the market, and in this case we want to show you what happens with the most common problem of one of them.

What happens is that many users have been telling us that they have a very specific problem: their Huawei G730 restarts itself. For this reason, we will try to offer them the necessary information to be able to end this problem and use their mobile as they should. In general terms, when describing this problem, we have to say that it is a Bootloop, a boot loop that causes an Android device to constantly reboot and not go past the logo. If that happens to you, you should keep reading.

The first thing to do is to point out some of the reasons why we often encounter these problems. Among the most common we can find the installation of a new ROM, a firmware or an APK file, especially if we have done something else during the procedure. But beyond understanding the reasons behind this inconvenience, we did not want to stop highlighting, in the same way, that there is a solution, based on the reinstallation of the Stock ROM or native firmware of the Huawei G730.

Huawei G730 turns on and off

Before starting the step by step, we recommend that you take your Huawei G730 and leave it charging for at least 2 hours to avoid power problems during the procedure. The next step has to do with downloading and installing the Huawei G730 drivers from this link. Then you have to download the Huawei G730 preloader drivers at this link. And finally, download the Stock ROM of the Huawei G730 at this link. Finally, you must download SP Flash Tool from this link. All links are completely safe, of course.

Well, once you have downloaded all of the above, you have to install the first two drivers on your computer, and then proceed to run the SP Flash Tool that we have unzipped. Later we must click on the button “Scatter-loading” and select the file Scatter.txt that is inside the folder of the downloaded ROM. When you’re done with that step, the ROM files will automatically load into the SP Flash Tool. Press above the Download button, and then connect the Huawei G730 to the computer.

Once you have connected your Huawei G730 to the computer, act following you will see that the program and the terminal begin to interact automatically. The Huawei G730 should be recognized immediately, and we have to give it a few minutes until the factory reset occurs. Once the Huawei G730 has restarted, you have to disconnect it from your computer, and at that precise moment, the problem of the Huawei G730 that shuts down should only have ended completely.

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Huawei G730 solution stays on the logo

Well, if then your Huawei G730 restarts itself and you think you have this Bootloop problem that we have been mentioning, you have to consider later that the operating system is damaged, so we must replace it with a new one to avoid problems. Yes, unfortunately this procedure will delete all the data that we have not previously saved, so that none of them can be used again. That is, the terminal will be factory reset, something that we have already explained many times.

How to factory reset or reboot a Huawei phone?

  • We start with the simple restart of the Huawei, for which first of all you must press and hold the on / off button for at least 5 seconds
  • After a few moments, you will see that a menu appears with three options and of course you will have to choose Restart the terminal

If you performed the simplest restart of your Huawei terminal, you see that it continues to have the same operating problems as before, then what you should do is proceed to a factory reset of the Huawei, which is not complicated either.

  • First of all, we have to go to Settings in our menu
  • Then we are going to search between the General and All tabs, and we will select the second of them
  • Within All, we are going to select the option Backup and restore
  • Upon entering this section you will see that we have the option Factory data reset
  • The next thing will be to press the Reset phone button
  • Then a warning message will appear, which will tell us what content we will lose, and will recommend making a backup
  • Finally we confirm the action, pressing again on the Reset phone button
  • Once the process is finished, the Huawei will restart with many of its problems already solved

Well, these are the two ways in which we can restart a Huawei, easily or through a Hard Reset process, which will ensure that you have the chance to not having to turn to a professional who will rip you out of your face with costs.

Have you been able to solve the problem of the Huawei G730 that restarts only with this step by step? Have you been able to fix the problem of Huawei G730 reboots only with this step by step?